Sunday, August 7, 2011

majestic, amazing and threatened

The stunning photograph above shows an elephant in the midst of a dust bath in Kenya.  It was taken by the brilliant photographer, Nick Brandt.

Unfortunately, Africa's elephants are under threat from man -- both by poachers and a fast growing/encroaching human population.  Big Life Foundation, a nonprofit founded by Nick, is one of several organizations working to protect African elephants.  Consider this: recent demand for ivory from China and the Far East has elephants being poached at a rate of as many as 35,000 a year.*  That's nearly ten percent of Africa's elephant population.  Being killed.  Each year.  To satisfy the demand for ivory in the Far East.

To learn more about this alarming issue, check out Big Life Foundation.  For more of Nick's truly amazing wildlife photography, click here.                              

*source: Big Life Foundation